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Your Visible Antimicrobial Defender

Nano Hygiene is an Istanbul-based company producing novel plastic nanocomposite products that could coat surfaces with antimicrobial compounds. Our team members consists of nanotechnology engineers and microbiologists. Contact us to request a demo or meet a member of our team.

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Limitations of Current Antimicrobial Solutions

There is an outburst of pathogenic diseases transmitted through contact, but antimicrobial coating cripples contact transmission of disease. In fact, the antimicrobial coatings market is maturing well. However, there are numerous limitations to the available products:

  1. Metal nanoparticles in antimicrobial coatings bring health controversies,

  2. Metal nanoparticles present in some available commercial products are only activated under UV or visible light, causing light dependency for antimicrobial activity, which may lead to the potential breeding of microbes in the dark,

  3. Metal nanoparticles do not degrade in nature and raise environmental concerns,

  4. The effective concentration of the active antimicrobial compound in our product is cheaper than other active metal nanoparticle antimicrobial compounds in the market making current products costlier,

  5. Spray and solution-based methods may suffer easily from human error during the application, often leading to unreasonable antimicrobial use, 

  6. Antimicrobial solutions often are not visible and raise questions.

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What We Do?

To overcome limitations in the current antimicrobial coating market, we produced an antimicrobial film to coat surfaces to limit the contact transmission of pathogens even in the dark with fewer health controversies. To do that, we developed a method to mount a known antimicrobial compound onto a plastic nanocomposite that could coat surfaces with antimicrobial properties and manufactured several prototypes. With each new prototype, antibacterial performance increased, according to the ISO22196 guidelines.

We develop a novel antimicrobial plastic surface coating with an active molecule that has not been previously used in the antimicrobial coating.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln

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Reşitpaşa, Katar Cd No:4 D:1101, 34467 Sarıyer/İstanbul, Turkey

(0212) 285 03 10

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